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Defibrillators are housed inside dedicated cabinets, which keep them secure and able to operate to their potential when needed. They are heated, to ensure the defibs are kept at the optimal temperature and have an internal light to illuminate the cabinet.

Our cabinets are made of powder coated aluminium to help them withstand the elements, with vinyl added to both sides and the door for appropriate signage.

The printed vinyl on the front of each cabinet is unique to each location, allowing for important information to be displayed, such as the address. There is an area for the cabinets to be personalised, with text and logos and to show those who have purchased, funded or dedicated in someone’s memory.

The door has a digital lock allowing 24/7 access, with batteries located inside the door to allow for easy replacement when needed. A code will be provided by the ambulance service call handler to unlock the door.

The defibrillator hangs inside the cabinet allowing quick and easy removal when needed. It comes ready for use with everything needed. Simply turning it on allows it to be used within seconds.

The lock also has a key to allow access, as well as an additional battery terminal underneath the lock. Both are additional, failsafe ways into the cabinet if the batteries run flat.

Once installed, defibrillators need to be registered with the local ambulance service so the location details are on their system in case it is ever needed.

Download our brochure here: Duchy-Defib-Cornwall

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