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There are defibrillators in towns and villages across the country – but are they rescue ready? It is recommended that defibrillators are serviced annually to make sure they are ready if required.

We are experts in making sure defibrillators are fully functioning, providing a remote monitoring service. We’ve designed and built our own unique built-in cabinet monitoring solution, which allows live information on the status of the cabinet to be displayed on our portal at any time. Anyone with access to the system, such as local guardians, can receive information such as whether the door is open or closed and when the pads expire and provides notifications if anything changes.

This can be installed within a side panel inside the cabinet and can be added to any of our cabinets at any time. This system requires an internet connection or mobile data connection.

Alongside our monitoring service, we also offer an annual service package. We will maintain the cabinet and defibrillator from wear and tear, component failures, replace the pads when they expire and each time they have been used.

As part of this package, we work closely with South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, to update and maintain the list of where defibrillators are located. We help with the location and return of deployed defibrillators, allowing them to be used again as quickly as possible.

This gives ultimate assurance in making sure the equipment is rescue ready.

Download our borchure here: Duchy-Defib-Cornwall

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